Welcome to ID4Africa

Founded in 2014, ID4Africa is an NGO Movement that accompanies African nations on their journeys to develop robust and responsible identity ecosystems in the service of development and humanitarian action.

Community & Culture

Having established and maintained a connected and active identity community, ID4Africa has made a significant impact on the direction of identity matters across Africa. Our yearlong activities are mission-centric and deliver thought leadership, capacity building, advocacy and knowledge sharing. While numerous are the activities that contribute to these objectives, reuniting a substantial portion of the community face-to-face at our Annual General Meeting, remains a principle occupation for ID4Africa.


The ID4Africa Movement is driven by the need to establish identity-for-all, not just as a legal right (consistent with SDG 16.9), but also as a practical necessity to enable inclusive access to services in Africa. ID4Africa believes that service-oriented identity ecosystems built on the respect of privacy and human rights are essential for growth of digital economies and will become even more crucial as African countries move to implement the provisions of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCTA).

Image by Giorgio Trovato

ID4Africa LiveCasts

Join Dr. Joseph Atick, Executive Chairman of ID4Africa, as he hosts ongoing series of exclusive LiveCasts featuring expert-led panels of frontline decision-makers in government, developmental agencies, civil society and industry, in identity management in and beyond Africa. Together, they discuss the status, priorities and lessons learned regarding the future of identity amidst COVID-19.